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A matter of days after the second sublime Wilson Tanner LP delivered more horizontal bliss to music fans everywhere, the Melbourne maverick is back, adopting the Andras alias for a fresh EP of advanced capitalist dance for new technologies and fractured markets. Seemingly sampling the custom sounds of the UE BOOM bluetooth speaker (piss taker!) Andras’s reprogramming of world music influenced dance music is subtle and unwired, beckoning you into the jungle with sharpened claws and 99% battery life. "Jingo" jams along like a tribal cut dropping deep into the night on a vintage Junior Vasquez tape, all pumping percussion, hypnotic keys and rolling conga idents. One whacked out interlude (Wax FM) later and we're back in the jungle, feeling the realness of "Conch", a retro-ist house jam with open-hearted chords and the deepest respect for pound-bin prog house. Flip it for "Rubber", a solid and spacey house jam with a great sense of humour. Armed with a nuanced 4/4 and squirming bassline, the jam soon slinks into bolero territories, rewritten for the mini-SD generation. Stepping out of the undergrowth and into the light, "IPX7" sounds like a distant nephew of "Voodoo Ray" who has a serious problem with Xanax and a very active crossfader. One more bit of mangled sound design and we're home free, ready for life once more.


A1. Jingo
A2. Wax FM
A3. Conch
B1. Rubber
B2. IPX7
B3. Big Boom

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