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Edizioni Mondo

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Mario Pierro aka Raiders of the Lost ARP (ROTLA) returns to Edizioni Mondo. “Trasmissioni” is his debut LP under this moniker, using fictitious TV show themes as an excuse to create his musically most eclectic record so far. Departing slightly from the Balearic and prog rock influences of the previous “Laguna” EP, in “Trasmissioni” ROTLA covers many territories: opening with the science-celebrating arpeggios of “Progressi della Scienza” (Italian for “advances in science”), to the funky, off-beat grooves of “Telemusic”, then taking a step into a disco during “Nightlife”, before programming his rocket towards eerie nordic drum machines and Hammond organs in “Esterno Neve” and “Effetto Notte”, and many planets more. A welcome edition to the ever expanding Edition Mondo universe and a record you can’t grow tired of. Eco-Friendly green artwork that shows how tiny we all are. Good listening!


Patrick says: Edizioni Mondo have set the bar pretty high over the past few years, delivering gorgeous library inspired nuggets in gorgeous sleeves. This latest LP, a debut for Mario Pierro's ROTLA alias is no exception, giving us gorgeous face and a moving, melodic and inventive sonic journey.


A1. Progressi Della Scienza
A2. Telemusic
A3. Esterno Neve
A4. Studio Ritmico
B1. Delta Sound
B2. Nightlife
B3. Effetto Notte
B4. Timing

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