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OVERVIEW: Producer, biologist, and ecologist Dominik Eulberg announces new album ‘Mannigfaltig’ – a plea to help save nature’s biodiversity.

Finally. More than eight years after Diorama, Dominik Eulberg releases his long awaited fifth studio album Manni- gfaltig. With twelve elaborate pieces of music, he creates a burning plea to preserve the breathtaking biodiversity of nature and at the same time warns of the threat posed to it by humans. It is a detailed record that demands close listening and showcases Eulberg's considerable synth craft, with drawn out pads and delicate keys laid over undulating rhythms that slowly take you through a wide range of emotions. Elements of ambient, downtempo, electronica, pop and minimal are infused with the sounds of nature, a choral sense of musicality and wistful air of grace across all the majestically composed pieces.


1. Eintagsfliege (Ephemera Danica) - Mayfly – Winged Insect Whose Imago Is Living Mostly One To Several Days.

2. ZweibrütigerScheckenfalter (Melitaeaparthenoides) - Meadow Fritillary – Butterfly Which Produces Two Generations Per Year.

3. Dreizehenspecht (Picoidestridactylus) - Three-toed Woodpecker – Bird With Just Three Fully Developed Toes.

4. Vierfleck (Libellulaquadrimaculata) - Four-spotted Chaser – Dragonfly With Four Dark Spots, One On Each Wing.

5. Fünffleck-Widderchen (Zygaenaviciae) - New Forest Burnet – Moth With Five Red Spots Per Forewing.

6. Sechslinien-Bodeneule (Xestiasexstrigata) - Six-striped Rustic – Moth With Six Distinctive Lines On Each Forewing.

7. Siebenschläfer (Glisglis) - Dormouse – Rodent Which Is Hibernating More Than Seven Months.

8. GoldeneAcht (Coliashyale) - Pale Yellow Butterfly Which Has A Figure-eight Shaped Pattern On His Lower Outer Wing.

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