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Blue 05

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Forest Drive West debuts on fresh-A-F label Whities with two sub heavy rollers perfectly crafted to move human limbs. If you're a fan of those piston-powered Sunklo records (with Joy O & Boddika), or the rambunctious future-perx of Night Slugs and Numbers, then this percolated glider should be right up your strasse!

Both tracks exist on a taut, tight line of tension, like two workhorses slowly pulling in opposite directions; you know some things got to give eventually.

Technoid vox smudge in and out of the mix, drum hits evolve and dissolve at random while a stuttered, lost-in-the-smoke groove ensures no static behavior throughout. Nu-tribalism-meets-technoid-swagger. More essential movements from Whities!


Martin says: Proper martian voodoo shit. If indigenous folks have existed on our nearest Red Planet ad infinitum, then they may well have been churning out these vibrations since the beginning of time too! Embryonic tribal techno!


A1. Other
B1. Time

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