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I've long been a fan of Steve Moore's filmic throbbing synth sound, with 2013's 'Pangaea Ultima' for me, being the pinnacle of his non-soundtrack output. Since then, we've had a number of soundtracks (The Mind's Eye and Mayhem being two particularly standout vinyl releases) and a superb solo album for Temporary Residence last year. 

This self-titled EP of sorts for legendary Brooklyn label, L.I.E.S sees Steve stripping back the atmospheric drones and pads for something a lot more percussive, with his saw stacks and staggered hats taking more of a front seat. 

'Broken Kills' kicks things off, with infrequent pulses of bass grooving atop the flickering hats and echoic drum machine, injecting proceedings with some momentum by gradually building and deconstructing the accompaniments tastefully, but to great effect. We follow up with a more dynamic arepggiated phrase in the stunning 'Future 99', bringing the paddling arps and soaring pads back once again, along with some incidental stabs and flickering delay lines, bringing to mind the pioneering German synth works of the mid 70's. 

'Eigengrau' builds upon this once again, with snapping snare drums and phased synth lines slowly churning around a solid core of filter-manipulated bass whirls and modulated hi-hats before closing things off with the comparitively frantic 'Future 86', working around a militant arp and gloomy churning drone. 


Barry says: Yet another stunning outing for Moore here, clearly displaying his unmistakable instrumental style, but adding to it with more of a dancefloor-orientated focus. A perfectly curated and brilliantly fitting outing for the great L.I.E.S. Top stuff.


A1. Broken Kills
A2. Future 99
B1. Eigengrau
B2. Future 86

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