Takayuki Shiraishi

Missing Link

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Studio Mule

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Japanese living legend electronic producer “takayuki shiraishi”,it’s a collection of his unreleased materials in late 80’s.

He has started the career as his unit “BGM” on most reevaluated japanese experimental label “VANITY RECORDS”.

One&only the album “BACK GROUND MUSIC” have been one of the most demanded japanese new wave record.

The album is unique mixture of dark new wave, post punk,kraut rock and experimental electronic music.


1 Dark Sea 00:03:01
2 Eardrum 00:02:25
3 Down The Stairs 00:03:03
4 Crystal Valley 00:04:09
5 Night Birds 00:03:41
6 Blue Hour 00:03:19
7 Dynamo No.2 00:03:15
8 En And Ten 00:02:44
9 Dance In The Fog 00:02:18
10 Frozen Falls 00:02:36
11 360° 00:02:21
12 Phenomena 00:02:30
13 Gray Shadows 00:03:53

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