Irie Mona

Lovers Chalice

Image of Irie Mona - Lovers Chalice
Record Label
Mystery Booms

About this item

Irie Mona goes for a dub adventure on new label Mystery Booms. He’s a producer based in Lyon and he knows perfectly how to inject new digi-attitude in the old-school way of dub productions. A perfect nu-bass-ballad for some tribal sun dancing. Both sides killah... You need this bass dreads!

Early Support : Judaah (BFDM), Tarba (BFDM), The Pilotwings (BFDM), Sacha Mambo (Macadam Mambo), Leo James (Berceuse Héroïque), Nummer, Chez Emile Crew, NVST, Folklore Crew, Groovedge, Emeline XIII (Sumo Smash), Warzou (Jump, Nous Disques), Eddy Larkin…


Matt says: A surprise Summer stepper for zee dubby dance I hear you say?! Yes sir-ee Bob! Top drawer this...


A1. Lovers Chalice
B1. Skuff Island

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