Aktionkunst Gerasdorf

Radikalkur EP

Image of Aktionkunst Gerasdorf - Radikalkur EP
Record Label
Wiener Brut

About this item

Absolute madness unearthed by Paul Ebhart and Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap for Wiener Brut's third release. Chicago-meets-Vienna-vibes which were way ahead of their time back in the 80s, when short-lived formation Aktionskunst Gerasdorf aka Athletico Kunst Gerasdorf were on the scene. Diggers and heads know the name from their contribution to the legendary Viennese sampler "Die Tödliche Dosis", but this six track EP goes much further through the looking glass...
Dig in to hear 808-driven beats programmed by René Radikal (R.I.P.) backing Melanie Delval's tender voice, with multiple guest musicians (e.g. Fritz Grohs) rounding things up and adding their spice to the laidback jams alongside stand-out musical heavy hitters. NDW, dark wired disco and warped proto techno abound on this oddball waver.


A1. Grenzelos
A2. Atombombensichere Discos
A3. Je T'Aime
B1. Heartbeat
B2. Du SuBer Junge Du
B3. Grune Holle

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