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Bullets Number 3

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Porridge Bullet

About this item

Estonian stable Porridge Bullet locks and loads for a third edition of its floor-friendly sampler series, representing for anyone who likes dance music with depth and texture. The PB team enlist countrymen Neuronphase and Madis Puuraid, who turn out playful breakbeat and dreamlike house respectively, before heading to Hungary for an ethereal and electronic bather from AIWA. It’s top shelf tackle throughout, but first among equals is recently-relocated Estonian Ruutu Poiss, who reaches out from Amsterdam with the hypnotic, fat and funky ‘Mjau’, a grown up groover with melodies to die for.


Neuronphase - It's Yr Groove
Madis Puuraid - Teramachi
AIWA - Wakeywalk
RuutuPoiss - Mjau
Neuronphase - I Have None

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