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Big Crown Records

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Second 45 from the darling dears of Rialto, CA, Brainstory. This new 7" showcases the funkier, jazzier but equally soulful side of Brainstory ahead of their debut album "Buck", produced entirely by Leon Michels out later thisyear. The A side, "Breathe", takes a page out of the Shuggie Otis playbook and then flips the script with some stoned out, west coast swag. In the words of Kevin, Brainstory's lead chanteur, 'Breathe is a song about letting go of the emotional baggage of our lives in order to become who we truly are. Before this new journey can happen we got to stop back and take a breath. Relax. Use the power of this simple act to become your higher self.' Side B, "Sorry" keeps on with the same swagger as "Breathe" but finds brother and bass player extraordinaire, Tony, taking over the vocal duties. In his words, '"Sorry" is an expression of the truth in a relationship that has ran its course. Nobody wants to say it but eventually this truth prevails and becomes undeniable.'


A. Breathe
B. Story

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