Eiger Drums Propaganda

Eiger Drums Propaganda II

Image of Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda II
Record Label
Macadam Mambo

About this item

Eiger Drums Propaganda strikes back on Macadam Mambo with a second opus!
After a well remarked start last year, half-Pilotwings, Louis Ebola’s project, returns with a more dancefloor tribal oriented album than the previous one which was a bit more experimental, incorporating again flutes, weird voices and dreamy elements on down beats tempos, revivaling the early New Age/Trance era to modernise it with genius…


A1. La Quete
A2. The Sun
A3. Throat Complain
A4. Thunderstrike
A5. Astral Lights
B1. Inside The Ischemic Synapse
B2. Disco Sound To Death
B3. Exotic Abduction
B4. The Moon
B5. Eiger Has To Die

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