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Ardentjohn is a project built around five core members from various parts of the UK and specialise in the sort of widescreen majesty that the cover depicts. We kick things off with the huge 'Magic Everywhere', building up like a post-rock staple, but bolstered with the sort of crescentic euphoria and tenderly sung vocals that lift it from a meandering instrumental into a fully-formed and fitting introductory piece. Things continue in a similar vein, with 'Malin Head' providing a slightly more upbeat offering, counteracting the quiet introductory passages but without sacrificing its integrity. 'Come Alive Again' is definitely more along the lines of a melodic 00's indie number, with slowly strummed chorused guitars and vocal harmonies pulling the piece along at a leisurely but perfectly measured rate.

Later on, and 'To Be My Love' and 'Orange Nights' provide a wealth of handy guitar work and pitch-perfect production, while never sacrificing the overall aesthetic established in the first half while follower, 'When The Faces Change' shows the more tender side to the band, perfectly accentuating the minimalistic instrumentation with just the right amount of slide guitar and subtle tremolo.

It's a beautiful work, and one that deserves your attention, no matter your musical leanings. 


1) Magic Everywhere
2) Malin Head
3) I Wasn’t There
4) Come Alive Again
5) Longing To Fly
6) To Be My Love
7) Orange Nights
8) When The Faces Change
9) Daydreaming
10) When You Go
11) The Long Goodbye

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