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The Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol. 6

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Presumably pissed off about Brexit, The Very Polish Cut Outs have taken a 3 year hiatus from our humble shelves, leaving us jonesing for a new batch of Euro-disco, synth-wave and Balearic edits. Thankfully, while the law makers and cake takers are busy pro-ro-ro-roguing, the TVPC crew have snuck back into the store with a feisty 12" sampler of high grade floor fillers.
The A-side starts with a new edit from Holiday 80, and the Warsaw duo threaten to steal the show with the unstoppable stomp of 'Twa Jasna Widze Twarz' ('I can see your light face'), a heavy party weapon with infectious vocal hooks based on a totally unknown track by a very famous Polish folk band.
The next track is deep disco at its best - 'Dizinsowe Maniery' ('Jeans manners') edited by Karol Aleksander who joins forces with Bisti, a new talent on the TVPC roster. Their reinterpretation of a pretty unknown song by superstar Polish diva is a straight floor-filler infused with soul vocals.
On the flip side, you'll find two edits by the Belarusian maestro Schmoltz, who once again proves that he's the master when it comes to digging obscure tracks from behind the Iron Curtain.
The first piece is 'Piosenka Mlodych Wios Larzy' ('The song of the young rowmen') an energetic time-bomb of scat/rap vocals complete with a Peter Gunn bassline, crazy organs and sizzling horns. The other cut is a hypnotizing edit of 'To Bedzie Koniec' ('This will be the end'), a Polish new-wave unclassic with a psychedelic twist and a post punk attitude. As ever, the cover art was designed by the long-time label collaborator Bartek Szymkiewicz, so this beauty looks as good as it sounds.


Patrick says: Light the beacon! The Very Polish Cut-outs are back with their sixth instalment. As ever, the source material is totally new to us here at Piccadilly, and the vibe bounces deliriously around disco, new wave and white funk, all with major Balearic leanings. Ace!


A1. Skaldowie - Twa Jasna Widze Twarz (Holiday 80 Edit)
A2. Anna Jantar - Dizinsowe Maniery (Aleksander Bisti Edit)
B1. Kult - Piosenka Mlodych Wios Larzy (Schmoltz Edit)
B2. Kontrola W - To Bedzie Koniec (Schmoltz Edit)

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