Ara-U & Radioactive Man

Plastic Attack

Image of Ara-U & Radioactive Man - Plastic Attack
Record Label
Asking For Trouble

About this item

More emissions land from Radioactive Man’s sessions at Curve Pusher studios on his Asking For Trouble label. This time it features a new collaboration with Ara-u, a friend and a figure whose heritage lies in the rave community of 90s Venezuela. Started in Hackney and finished in Hastings, on "Plastic Attack" the pair present a four track selection of raw analogue machine funk from the bunker for the warehouse floor.

"Datatheft" kicks us off with malevolent undertones across a mechanized superstructure; if the machines are indeed taking over their dark intentions are revealed through the grimy gears and rusty pistons firing off this menace.

"Failure To Communicate" is pure Keith Tenniswood brilliance; as a anthemic 303 decorates a skeletal but snappy broken beat. Much like "Daytime Robbery" which sees the producers squashed, sub-woofer tickling 303 lines growl over another minimalist electro wobble.

Finally "The Last Waltz" carries on like a buzzy UR number; a rabid sawtooth cutting through a frenetic electro hybrid beat. Add a few technoid stabs here and there and you've got yourself a sure fire body popper.


Matt says: One of my favourite producers joins forces with a Venezualian rave vet for a jam packed EP of mechanized mayhem.


A1. Datatheft
A2. Failure To Communicate
B1. Daytime Robbery
B2. The Last Waltz

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