Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt.4

Image of Levon Vincent - Dance Music Pt.4
Record Label
Novel Sound

About this item

Levon revisits the now-classic, "Man Or Mistress" EP in both artwork and concept - updating the 2011 release with brand new tracks.

One of house and techno's much loved faces, Levon's Novel Sound imprint is both simultaneously legendary yet delightfully cultish. There's no way your Uncle Jim who listens to Northern Soul or younger brother Kevin who likes Arctic Monkeys will ever come across these jams; but for the followers and believes of the Vincentonian church, the Novel Sound gospels are indeed the holy scriptures!

On verse 29, lord Vincent delivers 4 fuzzy n wobbly slices of mechanized prayer, contrasting jarring rhythms with jubilant melodies; technoid fug with angelic lead lines. Both ethereal and automated in equal measure; his soundscapes accept the machines as gods and warehouse music as a divine experience. Time to transcend! 


Matt says: Levon doesn't revisit the artwork off one of his iconic Novel Sounds sleeves for no reason. It's cos he's right slap bang back in his purple patch (did he ever leave it?), knocking out hit after hit which reminds me of those early NS releases.

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