Emra Grid

Shay's Vacation House

Image of Emra Grid - Shay's Vacation House
Record Label
Opal Tapes

About this item

Emra Grid’s "Shays Vacation House" is a work that feels suspended in time - both ancient and modern - a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece "Land Is" is smothered in a wintery patina, like a silent wind blowing through a deserted, snow-covered village. "Replaced" has an almost historic, mythical presence, like sonic messages of a troubled past are etched into precious metals buried in rock. The listener is the alchemist, extracting heart-wrenching moments from previous encounters.

Emra Grid’s second Opal Tape is a profoundly beautiful work, loaded with emotional weight and high-spec synthesis. Beneath its dark exterior, it exudes a tangible, pristine beauty like that of an ancient gemstone being discovered for the first time. 


1. Land Is
2. Replaced
3. Departure
4. Signal
5. Trace It Back
6. Trace It Back (II)
7. Distant Sound And The Dream 
8. Fifteen Day Trilogy 

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