Eternal Children

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Global avant-dancehall superstars Equiknoxx return with an eagerly awaited new album. The colourful quintet - Shanique Marie, Bobby Blackbird, Gavsborg, Kemikal Splash & Time Cow - have pretty much set a new standard for Jamaican music - adding a 5th dimension to the JA staple of dancehall, catapulting it into the cosmos and in doing so, into the listening piles of music lovers across the world!

"Eternal Children" sees the group reach its natural zenith. Empowered by the adoration and love they've received on a busy touring schedule, plus full of ideas from recent collaborations with some of the most creative partners in the global dance village (including a super tight relationship with MCR's Swing Ting club night / record label) the group hit its stride across a double LP which takes on r'n'b, pop & grime inflections and merges it with their unique, cosmic-dancehall hybrid. Put simply, there's no-one out there like Equiknoxx, yet their music is so easily accessible and enjoyable that you'd wouldn't be surprised at all to hear it on Radio 1's prime time hours.

Jamaica often nurtures and celebrates its music exports and rightly holds them in high regard. Equiknoxx will surely be added to this growing hall of fame as their incredible legacy is extended. 


Matt says: Bigs tings afoot for this emergant JA supergroup. Probably their poppiest offering yet, and certain to secure plays outside of their immediate, underground circle. Featuring a plethora of MCR talent too (even Nick Sinna on mastering duties! yes mate!) it's a celebration of Jamaica & Manchester's continuing symobtic influence.


1. Solomon Is A Cup
2. Brooklyn
3. Corner
4. Manchester Feat. Brent Bird & Fox
5. Good Sandra
6. Move Along
7. Grave Feat. Alozade
8. Rescue Me

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