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Choochtown - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Ed Hamell on ‘Choochtown’: “I was living in Brooklyn, constantly on the road, and been dropped from my major label deal on Mercury/Universal. I really had nothing to lose and I was very inspired, if I remember, by the movie Pulp Fiction and the Biggie Smalls record: Ready To Die. I recorded anywhere I could. My friend Billy Nicgorski had an analog one inch studio in his basement, his younger brother had a band and I would use them. I also did a bunch of it in my basement in Brooklyn which had a dirt floor and I set the recording gear up on plastic paint pails. Used them as drums sometimes too. I released it on my own label Such-A-Punch and it got licensed to Evangeline in the UK where it got rave reviews and established my career over there. After all the press I got for my first two albums on a major I couldn’t get shit over here in the States, only that CMJ magazine which took their silliness pretty seriously who basically said, ‘We don’t know what it is but it’s art.’ Duh. I’m pretty proud of all my records, I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve always been able to maintain complete creative control but this one I was particularly proud of because every inch of it, from the recording which one track as you’ll see was recorded on my boom box, to the artwork, was all mine.”


Go Fuck Yourself When Bobby Comes Down Hamell’s Ramble
I’m Gonna Watch You Sleep Uncle Morris Disconnected Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend Choochtown
Shout Outs The Lottery
The Long Drive
Joe Brush
The Mall Bill Hicks (Ascension) Bill Hicks Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend
(Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
The Mall (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
Hamell’s Ramble (Nicgorski
Basement Outtakes) * Choochtown (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
Bobby Comes Down (Nicgorski
Basement Outtakes) *
Uncle Morris (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend
(Nicgorski Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
Bobby Comes Down (Nicgorski
Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
Joe Brush (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
The Lottery (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
Hamell’s Ramble (Nicgorski
Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
* = CD Only

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