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Issue 426 - August 2019

Image of The Wire - Issue 426 - August 2019Image of The Wire - Issue 426 - August 2019
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About this item

The Wire Tapper 50: Special Edition

Attached to the cover of every copy of the August issue will be a special double CD marking 50 volumes of The Wire's ongoing series of underground music compilations. The CD will feature 40 new and archival tracks by Guapo, Arthur Russell, Rhys Chatham, Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, Tirudel Zenebe, Carl Stone, Félicia Atkinson, Michael Donnelly, Headboggle, Minyo Crusaders, SSSS and more.

On the cover...
Oren Ambarchi

The globetrotting Australian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and label runner is part of the glue that holds the international underground together via his Black Truffle label and collaborations with Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Ash Ra Tempel, Vibracathedral Orchestra and countless others. He talks to Bruce Russell of The Dead C about liberating the guitar, the nomadic life of the modern musician, and his brand new Brazilian influenced collaboration with percussionist Cyro Baptista, Simian Angel.

Meanwhile, inside the issue...

Keith & Julie Tippetts

Mike Barnes meets the godparents of British spiritual jazz and improvisation to discuss half a century of playing, from Spontaneous Music Ensemble to King Crimson, and their recent return to life on the road


Joseph Stannard explores the blasted rock soundscapes of Texas's Joe Knight

Peter Laughner

Tony Rettman unpacks the rust belt rock legacy of the late Pere Ubu co-founder with the release of a new box set

Invisible Jukebox

Pierre Bastien - rhythmic explorer and instrument inventor


David Toop on Dr John.


1. The Nest "Das Fantastische Kraut"
2. Carl Stone "Han Yan"
3. Lealani "Floating"
4. Minyo Crusaders "Akita Nikata Bushi (Radio Edit)"
5. Dog Bless You Feat Mr Bios "Fratelli Di Un'altra Madre"
6. Michael Donnelly "Thick Skull"
7.Headboggle "Blue Guitar"
8. Pipeline 8 "The Rent"
9. . Adam Bohman "Another Day, Another Concert (Edit)"
10. Leo Svirsky "River Without Banks"
11. Spectral Bazaar "Neptune"
12. Jim Haynes "And Then, Theranos (Edit)"
13. Sirom "I'm The Ostrich You Keep Seeing In The Neighbouring Hollow"
14. Algebra Suicide "Horizon"
15. Angelina Yershova "Tumbleweed"
16. Stubbleman "Griffith Park (Edit)"
17. MoE "Scum"
18. Rimarimba "Egg Foo Young"
19. Panos Ghikas & Alex Ward "Tier 4"
20. Félicia Atkinson "Un Ovale Vert"
21. S S S S "Shifting Places I"
22. Tarkamt "Death Takes A Vacation"

1. Guapo "Obscure Knowledge (Wire Tapper Edit)"
2. Matthewdavid "Make Your Own 2007"
3. Merzouga "Fragment #2"
4. HHY & The Macumbas "Gysin Version (Wire Tapper Edit)"
5. Tirudel Zenebe "Gue (Edit)"
6. Arthur Russell "You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In"
7. Lixo "Writer's Block"
8. Teho Teardo "Dance The Sauris"
9. John 3:16 "Into The Abyss (Wire Tapper Edit)"
10. Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere "Space Smells Of Strawberries (Wire Edit)"
11. Rarescale "Apparition And Release (Wire Tapper Exclusive Edit)"
12. The Astroboy "Cloud#2"
13. Ammar 808 Featuring Cheb Hassen Tej "Essoug Rsam"
14. Rhys Chatham "Hard Edge"
15. The Master Musicians Of Hop-Frog "Song Of The South (Wire Tapper Exclusive Edit)
16. Lophorina "Vorfreude"
17 Cédric Stevens "The Siamese Level (Wire Tapper Edit)"
18 Giulio Aldinucci "Aphasic Semiotics (Wire Tapper Edit)"

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