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We want to convey something political but not delivering it in a way that appears dogmatic or didactic, so some kind of story is created to instil into the brain good old fashioned socialist propaganda, like a loving attachment. ‘The day the Earth Stood Still’, we wanted to sound like The Residents composing an anthem for International Workers Day, an international day of action where the proles down tools and piss off to the seaside simultaneously all around the world, and thus the global Capitalist fiscal system crashes. .’Meatraffle on the Moon’ is an imaginary tale of exploitation of non-unionised space workers in intolerable mental and physical conditions working in our little solar system with the only antidote to their heartache and a complete buckle of legs…a moonbase karaoke bar! “


1 Cyclops
2 ‘Ndrangheta Allotment
3 No Books
4 London Life
5 Meatraffle On The Moon
6 The Day The Earth Stood Still
7 The Bird Song
8 Green Patina
9 Digital Blind

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