George Otsuka Quintet

Physical Structure

Image of George Otsuka Quintet - Physical Structure
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Le Tres Jazz Club

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Le Très Jazz Club keeps on exploring Japanese jazz and Three Blind Mice catalog with the reissue of this amazing 1976 record by drummer George Otsuka. This LP is reissued for the first time since 1976 and for the first time outside of Japan. It's an amazing jazz-fusion album, featuring Fumio Karashima on the piano and Fender Rhodes and Shozo Sasaki on tenor sax. Check the surprising and sublime cover of “Naima” which alone justifies to get this record! With : George Ostuka (drums), Shozo Sasaki (tenor & soprano sax), Fumio Karashima (piano, electric piano, synthesizer), Mitsuako Furuno (bass), Norio Ohno (percussion). 


1. Physical Structure
2. Mustard Pot
3. Naima
4. Little Island

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