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These Four Walls - 10th Anniversary Edition

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Scottish rock mainstays We Were Promised Jetpacks have announced the 10th anniversary edition of their acclaimed debut album These Four Walls.

Now the album, full of explosive energy and knife-edge tension, packed with a bounty of fans' live favourites and unreleased tracks including demos, acoustic sessions (including a cover of ‘Modern Leper’ by fellow Scots and good friends Frightened Rabbit) and live tracks from a very early gig at Barfly in Glasgow is released via FatCat.

The band's youthful energy (their average age at the time was 21) explodes thunderously as colossal choruses fall unfailingly into place. Every space is filled, tension bristling achingly in Adam Thompson's vocal delivery as the rest of the band crashes around him with a perfect balance of force and harmony. The romanticism and accessibility of a pure pop sensibility is never hidden too deep. Both "Roll Up Your Sleeves" and "Quiet Little Voices" capture this beautifully and immediately. The product of Ken Thomas' (Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins, David Bowie etc.) studio mastery and Peter Katis' (Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, The National etc.) mixing, the recording of These Four Walls was almost entirely live, with only minimal overdubs, and the band members' collected passion and intuition is translated into a pure, precise form, at once powerful and delicate.


1. Quiet Little Voices
2. It's Thunder And It's Lightning
3. Ships With Holes Will Sink
4. Moving Clocks Run Slow
5. Short Bursts
6. Roll Up Your Sleeves
7. Keeping Warm
8. Conductor
9. An Almighty Thud
10. A Half Built House
11. This Is My House, This Is My Home

1. Red Carpet (live At Barfly)
2. Keeping Warm (acoustic Radio Session)
3. Move My Limbs (acoustic Radio Session)
4. Conductor (demo)
5. Ships With Holes (acoustic Radio Session)
6. Quiet Little Voices (demo)
7. Short Bursts (live At Barfly)
8. Modern Leper (by Frightened Rabbit, Acoustic Radio Session)

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