Rattlesnake - Inc Magda / Vyvyan Remixes

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Old stalwarts of the edit, digging & comp'ing scene, Psychemagik are also a dab-hand in the studio - turning their hand to a whole manner of styles.

Here they express some naughty electronic dance moods a la Mr. Scruff, Two Lone Swordsman, Riton etc via the squelchy midtempo breaks roller: "Rattlesnake". A wubbing b-line directs proceedings on this baby while hazed drums and cyberpunk SFX dart around in the background. I can image it finding plenty of favour with DJs like Andy Weatherall, the aforementioned Mr. Scruff and Radioactive Man as well as the natural house and disco camps that already hail Psychemagik as superstars.

Two remixes to get stuck into. Magda Blotter Traxion remix further distills the elements in the aural test tube, resulting in a gurgling alchemy that fizzes and splurts like phosphorus on water.

Vyvyan on the other hand adopts a gliding bass-tek aesthetic; low register drones paired perfectly with a frenetic break and plenty other synthesized elements. Hard to pick a favourite between this and the OG, both are gonna destroy the dance... TIP! 


Matt says: Warehouse-ready and rave bunker stable constructions here from the well loved Psychemagik pair. The remixes are mega to so lots to enjoy on this Pet!


A1. Rattlesnake 
B1. Rattlesnake (Magda Blotter Traxion Remix) 
B2. Rattlesnake (Vyvyan Remix)

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