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June Records presents their seventeenth release, "Diataxis" by Ioannis Savvaidis, which is comprised of 4 recordings and their accompanying texts.

"Diataxis" is an audio interplay between Optical Networks terminology and the main artwork of the release. The sound is transmitted throughout abstractly and emotionally structured spaces.

Recorded live in Savvaidis’ studio in Athens between July and December 2018.

Blanket thick atmospheres heavier than air smother the listener; whether its neutron heavy static, or red shifted solar winds, the result is far from ambient; impenetrable and haunting this is what it sounds like to be lost in space...


Barry says: Bloody love a bit of dark dark ambient I do, and this one's a corker. Think of a beatless Biosphere, all glacial ambience and cold, crystalline drone mixed with the churning low-end and organic development of Tim Hecker or Fennesz, and you're in the right area. Huge pads and face-melting cosmic drift complete the trifecta, helping to round out the pieces into a multi-layered and multi-faceted exfoliating audio bubblebath.


A1. Diataxis
A2. Pulse Demodulator
B1. Transponders
B2. Polarization Mode Dispersion

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