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Irrational Overcast

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Legendary American ambient musician and electronic pioneer Kerry Leimer arrives at his 20th solo album with the haunting and uplifting “Uncertain Instructions”, the perfect introduction to his latest creation. Featuring the classic hallmarks that K. Leimer has become famous for, with light drifting piano punctuating the dense undercurrent of synth work and samples. Spliced vocal lines add an air of earthliness to the heavenly piece, emphasizing a sense of human fragility. As the LP continues and Leimer works his magic across a further six compositions, we continue to hear a fresh and timeless sound, a statement to his unfailing talent after four decades in the game.

Kerry includes this transcript to accompany "Irrational Overcast":

"Authoritarian ideas that have persisted somewhere in the depths of human nature for millennia have resurfaced at a crucial moment for the environments we all inhabit — natural, cultural, intellectual and economic. The power and influence of this ideology will again prove catastrophic, as it already has for many people in many parts of the world. Authoritarianism, along with the refutation of our shared responsibility to one another and to objective knowledge in favor of personal gain & gratification consistently lead to disaster. Yet, somehow, a significant number of people seem to feel that this time will be different. To some extent they are right. It will be infinitely worse.

Irrational Overcast is preoccupied with the perpetual failings of human tribalization, of assuming dominance over nature, of choosing belief and ideology over objective reality. The impetus was brought into immediate focus by the destructive impulses and actions of such excrescences as the Trump Administration and his republicans, as well as the blatant dishonesty and bigotry of thousands more retrograde, ill-informed nihilists operating in and outside the pubic sphere.

I do not profess that music — especially an experimental, lyric-free music — can change or influence such circumstances. But this is the context in which we now live, and this has shaped the music of Irrational Overcast — a coping mechanism for living under clouds of baseless beliefs and simplistic ideologies that disfigure and stifle what is an admittedly difficult though really quite lovely world. Music, to my mind, can not clearly express anything so literal, or metaphoric, or allegoric — but Irrational Overcast makes the effort to articulate the problems created by some enduring and banal aspects of human behaviour. Which is the reason it is built of lo-fi, deformed emergent or regressing or fragmented phrases, subsumed by distortion, noise, wow and flutter… and played with the understanding that there can be no more bedtime stories." 


A1. Uncertain Instruction
A2. Corrosive Ardor
A3. Weather On The Fen
B1. Lament To The Open Air
B2. Along The Soluble Shore
B3. Severity Limit
B4. Song For The State

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