Palmbomen II

Memories Of Cindy Pt. 3

Image of Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy Pt. 3
Record Label
Beats In Space

About this item

Pt. 3 dishes up some of the creamiest, hypnagogic 303 work and acid-faded synth-pop that you’re likely to hear since 1991’s debut lush-out for Opal Tapes, gently taking us by the hand from the simmering new age serenity of Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy to a pocket of John Hughes-movie romance in Wilco’s Funeral, touching on tattered tribal patterns and choral coos for the disco in Teleac, and coughing up something verily tasty for the DJs and dancers who like the jack sprung and psychedelic in Disappointment Island.


A1. Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy
A2. Wilco's Funeral
A3. Teleac
B1. Disappointment Island
B2. Fat Director 

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