Palmbomen II

Memories Of Cindy Pt. 2

Image of Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy Pt. 2
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Beats In Space

About this item

A certain someone spirits above the second part of Palmbomen II’s Memories of Cindy saga, a passage of five plaintive cuts rendered with spineful percussion, succinct melodies, and classic acid and New Beat textures and treatments. Beyond the brash bash of “IAO Industries” (Kai at his clubbiest) and menacing, lurking BPMs of “pyrotechnomarco” and “Dancing & Crying” are the meditative, atmospheric exercises of “Transportzone Meer” and “Forever Afslutidijk.” There is hope for Cindy in Pt. 2, but it’s only faintly detectable in the hushed vocals that appear here and there.

Cindy’s story may take a darker direction musically in Memories of Cindy Pt. 2, but Kai’s appearance on Real Talk alludes only to strange ways that make up a normal day in Carmel Vista. If you missed part one, back track a bit or enter Palmbomen II’s world at your own risk.


1. Pyrotechnomarco
2. Forever Afsluitdijk
3. IAO Industries
4. Transportzone Meer
5. Dancing & Crying

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