In Motion: Modern Progressive Group Sounds

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Whether we're talking L’Illustration Musicale, Sonimage, Técipress-In Editions (Timing), Musax, Freesound, Montparnasse 2000 in France or De Wolfe and Chappell in England, each of these legendary Library labels can call Jacky Giordano one of their own. As was the custom in the world of library sounds, he was a man of many aliases, and for his crowning glory on De Wolfe he formed the imaginary ensemble Rubba with UK colleagues John Hyde (aka John Saunders, James Harrington, Astral sounds or even Wozo) and his wife Monice Hyde (aka Monica Beale), Alan Howe (aka John Collins), Robert Poole and Tim Broughton.

Out of print since its 1980 release, the LP became a cult classic, adored by hip hop heads - notablyMadlib and Freddie Gibbs who reworked "Way Star" to form the basis of 2011 heater "Thuggin". Nearly 40 years after its original release, the Farfalla Records label, after publishing Timing Archives, presents another aspect more progressive and psychedelic of the multi-faceted composer Jacky Giordano by fully reissuing at last this coveted, mysterious and mesmerizing "Rubba". Very desired by crate-diggers, In Motion appears in the want-list of plenty enthusiasts in this enigmatic world of the library music.


A1. Carousel In The Milky Way
A2. Gypsy Manou
A3. So Softly
A4. Perpetual Whirlwind
A5. Nebulae
B1. Way Star
B2. In Motion
B3. Scapement
B4. Caroline
B5. Green Star
B6. Moog Concerto
B7. Astradome
B8. Vector

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