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Mizik Soley Sa Bon

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For their fourth release, those exotic folks at Atangana team up with Henri Debs & Fils to pay homage to the legendary Guadeloupean producer. Déni Shain and his team dig deep into the label's archives, blowing away the cobwebs on a quartet of rare and unpublished titles and allowing as many of us as possible to discover the pearls of the French Caribbean. 
The EP opens in ephemeral, tribal and triumphant fashion with the chant-heavy "Pa Dekouraje'w Toni" from Ti Celeste. If you enjoyed that Ziskakan reissue from a couple of years back, you'll be feeling these vibrations. Next up the tempo bumps with the snaking Caribbean jazz of Les Maxels and "Bail Ti Bouin Z'Oizo", a red hot mover with stepping rhythms and mighty horns. The jazzy mood continues on the flip with the gentle zouk groover "Oh Claudy My Love" from Lewis Meliano before Daniel Dimba's "C'est La Vie" sees us home in frantic fashion.


A1. Ti Celeste - Pa Dekouraje'w Toni
A2. Les Maxels - Bail Ti Bouin Z'Oizo
B1. Lewis Meliano - Oh Claudy My Love
B2. Daniel Dimba - C'est La Vie

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