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Seventeen Stars

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Caroline True

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After a short label hiatus, Caroline True Records bring US a limited vinyl edition of a classic Salford / Manchester album. The Montgolfier Brothers, Mark Tranmer (GNAC) & Roger Quigley (At Swim Two Birds) initially released “Seventeen Stars” on the Salford-based Vespertine label in 1999.
Much critical acclaim & appreciation from pop dynamo Alan McGee led to a 2000 rerelease on his nascent post-Creation Poptones imprint.

“So we ended up pressing records as usual. Our first record was Seventeen Stars by the Montgolfier Brothers, a baroque, cinematic classic that almost no-one has ever heard.” Alan McGee (On Poptones in “Creation Stories: Riots, Raves & Running A Label” 2013 )

Since that moment, “Seventeen Stars” has gathered universal plaudits & affection, along with occasional live performances from the group. To mark the 20th anniversary of the original release, CTR have remastered this brilliant work for vinyl. The sleeve expands the original Vespertine CD release artwork to LP size. Beautiful, memorable, fragile ... An album that proves the longevity of great songwriting, tunes and textures that stay with you. 
For lovers of Felt, The Durutti Column, Jacques Brel, Blue Nile & François de Roubaix


Laura says: One of the real hidden gems of Manchester music history, The Montgolfier Brothers' debut album, originally released on Vespertine Records back in 1999, gets a much needed reissue. Their intricate melodies, combined with a cinematic lushness, and heartfelt songs were never easy to pigeonhole and consequently, despite being championed and re-released by Alan McGee on his Poptones label in 2000, this album never received the acclaim it deserved.


A1. Time Spent Passing
A2. Even If My Mind Can't Tell You
A3. Pro-Celebrity Standing Around
A4. Four Days
A5. Seventeen Stars
B1. Low Tide
B2. In Walks A Ghost
B3. Une Chanson Du Crépuscule
B4. Between Two Points
B5. Fin

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