Means To Freedom

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Resurrected from the dark underworld after years of dormancy, LIES summon a new seven track LP from Legowelt's most mysterious and cultish alias, Gladio.

Through these seven tracks we get exactly what we want, back to basics jackin house and electro cuts direct from the depths of the Hague dungeon.
"Means to Freedom" is a return to the classic Legowelt sound, taking the roots of old school Chicago and Detroit and running it through the smacked out vision of Gladio's machine world. Absolutely unmissable jacking, soaring, and stomping jams that the modern floor has been sorely missing.


Matt says: Fierce Danny Wolfers alias perfectly suited to the LIES destruction engine. Some of his hardest stuff saved for this guise making this release sTrIcTly 4 da fReaKz...


1. Of Hyperborea
2. Wild Horses
3. Olympus Panspermia
4. Temple Of Pervesius
5. De Astra Planeti
6. Gladio Is Free
7. Fist Of Gladio

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