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Last year, Dekmental got together with The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative for the second time, inviting four local artists to breathe new life into four archival films from the Sound and Vision and EYE Filmmuseum archives. Jordan GCZ, Suzanne Kraft, Parrish Smith and Upsammy were all assigned short animated films dating back to 1921. The films and their new scores debuted at EYE on August 2nd as part of Dekmantel Festival 2018. Unsurprisingly, each artist imparted their unique styles onto the films that they previously had no relation with. From Suzanne Kraft's sparse atmospherics that have become more apparent in his new SK U KNO project to Jordan GCZ’s free flowing hardware jams. Parrish Smith showed his contemplative side and sparse orchestrations that he demonstrated on his RE:VIVE release, "Genesis Black", a sonic departure from his bombastic releases and DJ-sets while upsammy showed yet again her deft hand for melody and texture, a style that dominates all her releases to date.

These four scores can live apart from their films, fitting seamlessly into each artists' growing catalogs of work. But when combined, it’s as if the films and music were made simultaneously with the artist and filmmaker together in the same room. It shows off a more contemplative, dare-I-say-it, artistic side to the label that could be misunderstood as just a young person's dance music brand and festival. Dekmantel seem eager to add to the creative forces existing in dance music, reinventing and improving on areas and preventing themselves becoming tried and stale. They should be celebrated as solid baton bearers of the scene, even as they achieve more commercial success. 


A1. Jordan GCZ - Sosoon
A2. Upsammy - Uit Het Rijk Der Kristallen
B1. Suzanne Kraft - Prélude28
B2. Parrish Smith - Lichtspiel: Opus II, III, IV

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