Manu Chao

Clandestino / Bloody Border

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Because Music

About this item

Limited 2019 edition of Manu Chao's 1998 LP, "Clandestino / Bloody Border", remastered for the first time on triple vinyl + CD with lots of bonus bits to enjoy!

A modern day traveler's global comfort, like finding a Bible in the bedside table, "Clandestino" defies cultural differences and boundaries and instead unites the world under one marijuana-patterned flag. As likely to soundtrack coffee mornings in the bohemian cafes of the Parvati valley as it is to light up the disco at your city's local Hatter's Hostel.... Manu Chao's distinct but unforced vocal delivery carrying the message of global unity and peace to all through some dazzling instrumental tracks. Every backpacker needs one! 


1. Clandestino
2. Desaparecido
3. Bongo Bong
4. Je Ne T'aime Plus
5. Mentira
6. Lagrimas De Oro
7. Mama Call
8. Luna Y Sol
9. Por El Suelo
10. Welcome To Tijuana
11. Dia Luna... Dia Pena
12. Malegria
13. La Vie à 2
14. Minha Galera
15. La Despedida
16. El Viento
17. Clandestino (feat. Calypso Rose)
18. Bloody Bloody Border
19. Roadies Rules

Side A
A1. Clandestino
A2. Desaparecido
A3. Bongo Bong
A4. Je Ne T'aime Plus
Side B
B1. Mentira
B2. Lagrimas De Oro
B3. Mama Call
Side C
C1. Luna Y Sol
C2. Por El Suelo
C3. Welcome To Tijuana
C4. Dia Luna... Dia Pena
Side D
D1. Malegria
D2. La Vie à 2
D3. Minha Galera
D4. La Despedida
D5. El Viento

Bonus 10” Vinyl
Side A
A1. Clandestino (feat. Calypso Rose)
Side B
B1. Bloody Bloody Border
B2. Roadies Rules

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