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Horonizer EP

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In the time since his 2014 vinyl debut with the "Mechanical Turk" 12" on Huntleys & Palmers, Mehmet Aslan has impressed audiences around the world with his mystical sound, exploring post Anatolian pop, dark wired disco and techno-punk through a slew of magical releases and mesmeric DJ sets. Now he returns to H&P sublabel Highlife with the heavyweight throb of the 'Horonizer' EP. Opening cut "5K", presented here in radio edit form sees the producer drop the demented strings of a Turkish folk jam over a wobbling bass tone and reheated breakbeat, powering up for the post-globalization scene. The dance floor fusion continues with "Beat Two Chase", a totally trippy track which incorporates the shamanic percussion of a Cult Edit release with pseudo Goa trance idents and all manner of mangled vocal samples which dart around the stereo field for full scale brain mulch. Over the other side "600=(Longver)" revisits the "5K" theme but with an ever building arrangement designed for the more mature dance floor.


A1. 5K (Radio Edit)
A2. Beat Two Chase
B. 600=(Longvers)

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