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Stroom's archival exploration of Belgium's musical heritage continues this week with a window into the work of Shakti, an early collaboration from New Beat legends Praga Khan, Chris Inger and Jade 4 U, who released about a thousand killer tracks separately, as well as going on to form Lords Of Acid! This retrospective collects tracks from Shakti's debut LP "Demonic Forces", 1988 single "Forbidden Dreams" and 1990 CD album "Shakti Featuring Jade 4 U". 
Combining tough rhythms, punishing synth parts and unexpected melodies, the LP is a perfect combination of Western club energy and Eastern motifs - thusly as New Beat as it's possible to get. "Forbidden Dreams" and "The Awakening" slap like any Boccaccio banger should, while Jade 4 U's Cindy Ecstasy-style vocals on cuts like "The Early Train" bat their painted lids perfectly. All in all, a killer set of formerly new beat. 


Patrick says: Stroom pay tribute to Belgian club kingpin Praga Khan with this retrospective collection featuring fellow New Beat pioneers Chris Inger and Jade 4 U. Heavy 80s percussion, hefty synthlines and Eastern melodies abound in true New Beat fashion!


A1. That Boy
A2. Forbidden Dreams
A3. The Awakening
A4. The Early Train
B1. Rainbows
B2. Kamasutra
B3. Demonic Forces
B4. Shanah

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