Artificial Extelligence

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Local Talk

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Haris Badic aka DJ Asparagus aka Dirty Haris aka Coral once part of the Raw Fusion Crew and releasing on G.A.M.M. makes his solo debut on Local Talk.

As Coral he's crafting a distinctive and electronic sound, almost like a sucker-punch of breaks and melodies.  It's an EP primed for peak time impact not far from the early days of Lone, creating a futuristic retro sound.

All tracks are rich with melodic, sizzling synth lines, dreamy chords, breakbeats, and electronic arpeggio lines.
What more could you ask for?
And just when you had it all figured out, the last track 'A Kind Whisper' changes the pace and takes you on a deeper electro influenced vibe.


A1. High Adventures
A2. Fire Trail
B1. Playground Fun
B2. A Kind Whisper

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