Exploring Planetoids

Shoulder Of Orion

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Exploring Planetoids

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Debut 4-Track EP from the new label Exploring Planetoids. Featuring two tracks from Jack Plant and two from Samuel Padden, the release carries space exploration themes and takes heavy influence from science fiction film and writing. The sleeve and label artwork was commissioned from Jason McCreadie, a Glaswegian based graphic designer who designed and illustrated the whole project's aesthetic in keeping with the influences of the composed material. The 4 tracks touch on multiple genres including house, techno, acid and 90's UK electro, whilst the EP overall maintains a cohesive feel through its composition, sound design and sample selection.

Currently well under anyone's rader (there's not even a discogs entry!); now's the time to let this beast do damage on the dancefloor. TIP! 


A1. Shoulder Of Orion
A2. Replicant Memories
B1. Knaaren
B2. E-103 Gamma

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