Jay Glaze

Operation Clam Dust - Side One

Image of Jay Glaze - Operation Clam Dust - Side One
Record Label
Chipped Hearing

About this item

“Operation Clam Dust”, an unheard masterpiece, was created between late 2005 & early 2008 - following-on from the much-loved 2004 "Three Sinister Syllables" mix. It is a next level exploration into digging, sampling and audio animation. All manner of world breaks, private press LP’s, obscure soundtracks, Bolivian polka jawns are up in that piece. Ten years after it was made it still stands out as a unique hybrid of instrumental hip-hop, downbeat and sampledelica. RIYL: DJ Shadow, The Avalanches, Cut Chemist, DJ Yoda & Madlib's cut-n-splice LPs.

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