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Lancashire & Somerset Records proudly bring you the debut self-titled album from Haress. Haress consists of the core guitar duo of David Hand and Elizabeth Still, based in Bishops Castle in the Shropshire Hills.

They intertwine dark and repetitive electric guitar figures to create a hypnotic, mantra-like state, the playing working on a kind of unspoken telepathy until it’s impossible for the onlooker to work out which player is responsible for which sound amid the warm, enveloping hum of valve amps.

For their debut LP release, Haress have expanded this duo to include additional drums from David Smyth (Kling Klang, Mind Mountain), guitar and Echoplex from Chris Summerlin (Kogumaza, Grey Hairs, Hey Colossus), vocals from Thomas House (Sweet Williams, Charlottefield) and trumpet from Nathan Bell (Lungfish, Human Bell). The album was recorded with Phil Booth at JT Soar in Nottingham.

This large ensemble loses none of Haress’ intimacy and instead decorates the songs with sympathetic colour and light. The results are lovingly rendered and share a genuinely magical recording process with the listener, allowing them to experience the same moments of surprise as the band did when committing this music.

Elizabeth Still - Guitar, Organ, Vocals, Percussion, Harmonium
David Hand - Guitar, Percussion, Shruti
David Smyth - Drums
Chris Summerlin - Guitar, Echoplex, Electric Piano, Percussion
Thomas House - Vocals
Nathan Bell - Trumpet on “Wind The Bobbin”

Recorded and mixed by Phil Booth at JT Soar, Nottingham.

Mastered by Peter Fletcher at Black Bay Studio, Isle Of Lewis.

Sleeve by David Hand.


1. Swifts, Swallows And Martins 05:08
2. Sun, Shit And The Moon 08:55
3. Wind The Bobbin 02:02
4. Severing 06:13
5. Late Summer 03:39
6. Arolla 05:35
7.End Bell 03:56
8.The Honey Guide 08:51

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