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Science & Technology - Err Rec Library Volume 2

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Volume number two of ERR REC's fabulous library music collection is here and as with the first, features the work of a group of contemporary French musicians working under pseudonyms in the field of weird and wonderful vintage sounding library music.

Fans of volume one will find much to love here and its just as limited with only 50 available. The artwork was created by the label's co-founder Bolanile Maté, loosely inspired by the works of Paul Kee and Josef Müller-Brockman.


1. Gianni Moretto - Collapsologie
2. Bernold Delgoda - Propergol
3. Antonin Fortin - Le Ballet Des Drones
4. Bertrand De Rombière - Hydrocarbures De Synthèse
5. Etienne Vallino - Paillasse Propre
6. La Plongée - La Face Cachée
7. Gianni Moretto - Interlude
8. Tiger Tigre - Trou Noir
9. Amosphère - Tio2
10. Henri Pierre - Les Radiations De Solovieï
11. Etienne Vallino - Cristallographie
12. Bertrand De Rombières - Au Coeur De La Matière
13. Klaus Ulrich Hermann - Nucléons
14. Protocole X - Protocole X
15. Pierric Gildas - Transition Energétique
16. Gianni Moretto - Jingle

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