Dope Feat Fuck Authority

666 / 1381

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Environmental Studies

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The lengthening days and the long beautiful evenings: it must be time to treat yourself to this wonderful (and highly limited) 10” single from Julian Cope’s Dope feat. Fuck Authority. Consisting of two 20 minute tracks, main track ‘666’ is a Deutsche sing-a-long from beyond the grave, replete with martial side drums and cacophonous orchestral strings. With raised steins, our gruff-voiced male choir recounts their bolshie nursery rhyme – a beguiling tale of a mysterious tree that predicts the future. Simultaneously traditional and avant-garde, ‘666’ will remain in people’s heads long after the vinyl has been ejected. Meanwhile, awaiting listeners on the other side of this epic release is Dope’s most overtly psychedelic offering thus far. Off-kilter and raging, this non-LP B-side is entitled ‘1381’, after the year of Wat Tyler’s Peasant’s Revolt. Unbalanced? U-Betcha! As Fat Paul’s cataclysmic FX and Holy McGrail’s Space Echo obscure and overwhelm Fuck Authority’s vast stereo bass guitar, one can only praise the poor technicians who captured it all on vinyl. Yes, with its fabulous packaging and earworm chorus, this unlikely 10” release must be a candidate for Single of the Year surely? 



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