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Polytechnic Youth

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The welcome return of David Mason’s revered LISTENING CENTER. The Brooklyn based synth maestro has a slew of fabulous long sold out releases on PY, Ghost Box and Texte Und Töne.

“Retrieving” is right up with his very best- a fabulous 11 track collection, rich on a fondness for everything from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to lost ‘80s gaming consoles, imagined VHS soundtracks and 70s’ kids science programme themes to the work of kraut heavyweights like Michael Rother’s early post Neu! solo work and all stops in between. Often playful, always diverse and with extraordinary depth- this is just wonderful!

David himself, adds “Retrieving” is a selection of analogue synth essays recorded between 2016 and 2018. It takes a look at submerged psychic processes and the effects of elusive archetypes which are manifested in the world. Our perception and memory are repeatedly called into question; we continue to 'see' things which are no longer present, and too easily explainable artifacts continue to tug at the edges of our minds. Employing (n)ear tautologies and imaginary helio-technologies, once straightforward narratives immediately break down, and where biography meets geometry we discover a schism in certainty, illusions cracked beyond repair”.

Dressed in another killer Nick Taylor (reverse board) sleeve, this one is just gorgeous and destined to follow suit for both artist and label and sell out immediately.


Barry says: Aaah, Polytechnic Youth. One of my absolute fave labels (as well as sister imprint, Deep Distance), and they've really come up with the goods this time. Brilliant wistful electronica gives way to churns and filter sweeps, skittering arpeggios and bitcrushed sonic wonder. An absolute triumph and possibly higher on my list than my recent top jam, the Gabe Knox LP. <3

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