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In November 1975 I had initiated a concert at the RIAS Studio 10, entitled “Futurum 3”, with ASH RA TEMPEL performing. Apart from the guitars there was also an EMS Synthi A on stage. And an old Farfisa Compact Organ that Manuel played and of which I was especially proud:

I was able to buy this instrument in 1964 after a summer job at a steel drill factory. This Farfisa was on stage when I performed with my band the Team Beats Berlin, as support act for the Rolling Stones at their legendary concert in September 1965 at the Berliner Waldbühne.

Somehow this instrument had survived the riot, and ten years later Manuel bought this organ from me. He had played this Farfisa in many concerts and recordings in the following years, and it can be heard also prominently here on “Dream and Desire”.

Originally, the two tracks “Dream” and “Desire” had been conceived for my one-hour radio feature at RIAS Berlin in summer 1977. Then, although being broadcast only once in Berlin and Belgium, they soon became cult amongst listeners, who taped, multiplied and distributed the tracks throughout Manuel's fan base.

But it was only in 1991, after 14 years, when Manuel decided to make it an “official” release on CD.

Something like that is unusual at times when only the new things count - until it is dismissed by the new and gets dumped.

The revival of Dream & Desire is not nostalgia but an indication that the present will only be appreciated after acknowledging the past. Applies also to art.

The bonus track “Despair” was not part of the original radio-feature, but was composed and recorded around the same time in 1977, and the track fits perfectly in style and sound.

Manuel's music has been with me for now almost 50 years.

I own a superb LP and CD collection of him. Dream & Desire is beautiful - what more can I say ...

Olaf Leitner, March 2019.


1. DREAM 30:14
2. DESIRE 22:56
3. DESPAIR 8:29

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