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It seems somehow fitting that on a day when we said goodbye to one of the disco house innovators (Philippe Zdar R.I.P.), Daphni returns with his festival-ready addition to the canon, "Sizzling". Built from Bermudan disco banger "Sizzlin' Hot" by Paradise, the title track of this highly anticipated EP races out the blocks with hot horns, nipple-high bass and plenty of polyrhythmic punch, looped to perfection for hands aloft summer fun. Soon enough the vocal, with its ever excalating energy joins the fray and we're merrily bopping along in nu disco mode - punchy enough to power up a party, but polite enough for the cocktail crowd. That is until Daphni drops a huge side-chained kick and takes us straight back to the pilled up summers of 1999 - MASSIVE! On the A2, "If" throws an early jazz piano feignt, before clocking us right in the chop with a slamming drum program a la Gemini or Paul Johnson. 
Flip it and the frisky, frothy and frenzied filter disco fun continues unabated, as "Romeo" cuts through the crowd and begins to spin in the very centre of the dancefloor. Working up from the foundations of slick bass and a growling synth sequence, Daphni gradually lets loose with the dramatic, climactic and largely Latin strings and swoons of his source material, pulling the club through ballroom disco and into a narcotic sweat box. Finishing with a bang, "Just" takes us tired dancers into a world of hands aloft, heads high and hugs. Harps, flutes and vocal harmonies drift out of a jazz/folk/soul O.G. and cascade around reinforced percussion, providing a euphoric mood, which takes a deeper turn in the middle third before powering back towards the ecstatic truth for the finale. 


Patrick says: Daphni is back with a banger! This summertime number is a red hot refix of Bermudian disco banger "Sizzlin' Hot" by Paradise, and it's coming to take over a soundsystem near you. Elsewhere the maestro takes disco, jazz and soul elements and samples at will, dropping festival friendly bombs throughout.


A1. Sizzling (Feat Paradise)
A2. If
B1. Romeo
B2. Just

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