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Stunning reissue of this long lost piece of Spanish post punk / industrial from 1983. Contains the raw elements of so much modern electronic music and has been getting heavy support from Ossia, Ron Morelli & Demdike Stare.

"Dark Fields" stands out from the barrage of recent Spanish experimental-industrial underground re-issues as one of the most obscure and surrounded by mysticism. One massive track with no cuts, recorded in 1979 under the motto 'a silence that makes dogs bark' and released by Klamm in 1983 in a tiny edition of 300, the trio disbanded shortly after finishing the recording and never looked back.

Darker than tar atmospheres with Resident's like vocals, this is the brainchild of Caballero T's obsessions with Brian Eno's work, who found the perfect partners in Tres' psychotic vocals and the studio wizardry of Señor Nada. Reissued by Madrid's Equilibrio, who already gave us Randomize's "¿Como se divertirán los insectos?" Not for the faint of heart. Get yours while they last.
 they last.


A1. Doors On Trees
A2. Dot
A3. Memory
A4. Trs.3
A5. En El Camino De La Roca
A6. Listen Little Man
A7. Fracture
B1. Wood-Blood
B2. Son Serp
B3. Dark Fields
B4. Bytes R
B5. Questions 1992-1983
B6. Silencio T… Drop Staircase
B7. Clak-s… Iris. Azhar

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