Delroy Edwards


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Apron Records

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Delroy Edwards returns to Apron for a second time, bringing a proper rinser for a 12" that's set for repeat plays in the basements...

Opening with, for me, the hottest track of the six, "Live And Let Live" combines Edwards' idiosyncratic perx with a phat-ass distorted bass. As usual the whole thing fizzes and cracks like it's been scorched into tape by the sun itself; then this gorgeous pads come in and takes us plummeting into the stars... so good!

"Fat Dynamics" also ensures this is gonna be a best seller - combining wooden gated bass synth with vintage pads and a killer hi-hat pattern, it's that classic acid sound, updated in a very Delroyesque style and I for one am truly on board!

There's four more tracks, all very good and skirting between dusty space acid and industrial jack; but it's that opening pair that I'll be opting for most of the time... absolutely killer! 


Matt says: Mega this. Worth it for those opening two tracks which add a whole new dimension to Delroy's House Sound.


1. Live And Let Live
2. Fat Dynamics
3. Funny Styles
4. Dubonnet
5. In Orbit
6. How High Is The Moon

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