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The Silence Of The Lambs - OST

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Mondo is proud to present Howard Shore's expanded score to the 1991 classic The Silence Of The Lambs. This expanded edition is produced by Neil S. Bulk, supervised by Howard Shore himself, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the original two-track stereo session tapes, courtesy of MGM. Featuring original artwork by Rich Kelly, liner notes by Tim Greiving comprised of all new interviews with composer Howard Shore and star Jodie Foster.


Side A
1. Main Title
2. Bulletin Board
3. Visit To Lecter / You Look Like A Rube
4. Miggs
5. First Flashback / FBI Montage
6. Clarice (Film Version)
7. I'll Help You

Side B
8. The Abduction
9. West Virginia Car Ride
10. Rock Of Ages Flashback
11. The Bug Cocoon / Washington
12. Death Head Moth
13. Quid Pro Quo, Yes Or No
14. Lecter In Memphis

Side C
15. Lambs Screaming
16. Lecter Escapes
17. Laundromat
18. Belvedere, Ohio

Side D
19. To Calumet City
20. The Moth
21. The Cellar
22. Finale

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