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The names people invoke when trying to describe Georgia Anne Muldrow are unavoidably, almost impossibly lofty: Nina Simone and Alice Coltrane, Erykah Badu and Ella Fitzgerald. The Los Angeles-bred singer, songwriter, and musician is all and none of these things – she’s able to channel the greats from decades past in soul, R&B, and jazz, but her own music is too subversive, too forward-thinking to be cordoned off as a footnote to any one lineage. Over the course of a career that spans dozens of releases and ropes in a wide array of talented collaborators, it would appear that Muldrow has explored every nook and crevice of her tastes and talents. And yet, after nearly 15 years, each new turn in her catalog is a step directly into the unknown.

Released by Mello Music Group, "VWETO II", is this kind of exploratory turn. It’s the sequel to her 2011 album by the same name. Like its predecessor, "VWETO II" is an all-instrumental affair, reestablishing Muldrow as one of the most reliable crafters of sturdy, funky, spaced-out hip-hop working today. 


1. Gettin It
2. Almost Trendy
3. Mary Lou's Motherboard
4. Bass Attack Bap
5. Nate Dogg's Eulogy
6. Big Mama Africa Jam
7. Old School Funk
8. Brokenfolks
9. Something Fun
10. Bronx Skates
11. When The Fonk Radiates
12. CV Jam Number 2
13. Wu Punk
14. Emo Blues
15. Yoyo Ma Fonk
16. Das Funk

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