Coombe Harbor

Vol. 1

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Record Label
Feel International

About this item

International Feel are back, diving into the mirror world once again for a fresh four track on their Feel International offshoot. This time round the artist is Coombe Harbor, who, with virtually no online presence is possibly another alias of label boss Mark Barrott. Putting my presumptions aside and focussing on the music, I feel the warming vibrations of 'Kyoto Masks' washing over my pleasure centres. Taking one bubbling Fingers-esque bassline, syncopated hats and some gliding, Asiatic leadlines, this is house with depth, rather than deep house - lovely stuff. "Sadness Is A Drug Called Love" loses the kick drum and lays back into a gentle pool of electronic melancholy, achieving a kind of resigned serenity which could work in a warm up, warm down or sunset sesh. The electronic tranquility continues on the A1 with "Abadon Exit", a stately cinematic piece which filters the rich heartbreak of Vaughn Williams through Japanese electronics. Coombe Harbor brings the beat back for the final track, bending wild sine waves around a simple beatdown drum track and timing those piano chords just right.


A1. Kyoto Masks
A2. Sadness Is A Drug Called Love
B1. Abadon Exit
B2. Post Office Bay

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