Bear Bones, Lay Low

Voces De Humo

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OK Spirit

About this item

OK SPIRIT is a new label founded by N.I.B., Kilian Paterson and DJ Neewt. The Frankfurt trio get on message from the off, opening their account with a wild range of contemporary dancefloor adventures prompted by sonic shaman Bear Bones, Lay Low. On the A-side, title track 'Voces De Humo' is an epochal 17 minute journey from the Belgium based producer, twisting searing waveforms and vivid distortion around tribal rhythms in a typically lysergic fashion. The B-side belongs to the remixers, and DJ Plead kicks it off with a growling EBM / Industrial version complete with scattering, almost DnB rhythms, sacred frogs and scorched frequencies. The B2 sees the track taken on a different tack as TNC6 heads for the undergrowth with the humid and transcendental "Needles In The Heart Mix", a ceremonial stunner with a late break into wild rave breaks.


A1. Voces De Humo
B1. Voces De Humo (Dj Plead Belly-Roll Mix)
B2. Voces De Humo (TNC6 Needles In The Heart Mix)

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